May sensitive you be like a teenager


Away from the summer clouds, curling up the cool wind. Autumn comes again on the pond, and the lotus is half full. Zhu Yanyi's days are endless. Life is not as good as a mountain, but as good as water. Qingwu is similar to red Polygonum. Last year this sad autumn, this autumn again here. ——Feelings of Qujiang River in early autumn: Tang BaiJuyi's breeze from afar has no heat. He caresses his cheek through the leaves and comes face to face with fresh coolness. There are also a lot of black clouds in the sky, followed by a blue sky and white white clouds like marshmallow. On the edge of the pond, the summer lotus has gradually faded, and the lotus leaves have begun to turn yellow. Some of them have lowered their heads and lie on the water without spirit. But he Lian is more successful. There are peddlers selling lotus seeds everywhere near the pond. The green lotus seeds taste very delicious. Maybe this is the taste of autumn harvest. With the passing of years after years, the heroic ambition and tender cheeks of the past are now in a hurry. Look at the footprints and the things left along the way. At this time, there must be no more days. In the distance, the green mountain peaks, towering into the clouds, are shrouded in a thin thick fog, like a fairyland on earth. If you want to compare people with this mountain peak, people seem to have become insignificant fat mays. And people's time, just like the flowing water in front of the mountain, will never return. The red Polygonum hydropiper and countless nameless herbs in the mountain, as always, grow in situ and never move more than half of them. It has always been spring germination, summer growth, autumn results, regardless of spring, summer and autumn, there has never been any change. Just sigh this world, a lot of seemingly very ordinary things, but in the reincarnation of time, become unreachable. Autumn has always been the saddest season for people. It has not only the smell of separation, but also the drizzling rain, mixed with a slight chill. How can we not let people think about it. Even if a person with an excellent mentality has been in this environment for a long time, he will gradually become depressed. Maybe this is the charm of autumn, and only such a season can make countless people sad and happy about it. Maybe this is my understanding of this poem. Every season, every solar term, has its specific feelings and things in it. I remember reading an article before, which said that everyone who is sensitive in heart will have a good observation heart. Maybe only in this way can we observe things that other people in the world cannot observe. Sometimes I hear that sensitive people are not easy to get along with. They will feel sad because of some small things, and they will feel uneasy all day because of a small move. Maybe everyone who is sensitive inside lives in a Lin Daiyu bar.

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