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The mothers of the two children are unemployed. Apart from taking care of Xiaobao from Dabao, they have free time. The middle age is in the family economy style. It's inevitable to hang tomorrow's source at home. Several economic leaders not only feel that their years are like flowing water, but also my pocket. As a matter of fact, I didn't work hard when I was young. When I worked hard, I was no longer young. I immediately felt my hair, counted the accounts of the days, and played the abacus of youth. Ten years ago, I worked alone, and returned to the jobless vagrant after ten years. In ten years' time, I passed in a blink of an eye. In ten years' time, I lost my figure, failed to achieve my own achievements and achievements, only got a thorough understanding of psychology, didn't save enough growth capital, only got a mentality. When I am single, I am busy. When I am a mother, I am busy. I don't know where I am busy. Now I think it is life and life. This year, there is no leisure at home, but this life path is the constant wind direction of this year. Busy is essential. The phenomenon of "two points and one line" hasn't changed much until now, but the environment has changed a lot and the material has changed a lot. When a mother becomes more aware of the changes. How much spending, how high is the income? It's expanding and contracting in a positive proportion. But there are more and more signs of spending, but there is no growth trend of income. In the flower world, everything is eye-catching, and anything fashionable is attractive. You can buy it in moderation. After becoming a mother, I have no work to worry about, and I have no less carefulness to practice the management skill in the state of no occupation. Around the children, around the three meals, around the housework, around to round out two tea classics. Busy after being a mother, in the era of housewife, is quite different from the busy when being single, just like two kinds of world. When you are single, you are busy with your income. When you are a mother, you are busy with your income. When I was single, I went on the road after my personal exercise and became a mother. The former chatting style has become today's nagging style, the single boasting style, and later the aftertaste of chatting with relish. After becoming a mother, boasting has become a magic weapon to amuse children. Once upon a time, I have made great achievements. Now, I have nothing to do. I think of my age, but I have to work hard. I need to take advantage of my youth before I officially quit. I need to recharge myself and repair both inside and outside. I'm ready to catch up with the reality and work hard for my dream. His eyes were shining with ambition. Suddenly, he thought that he had been talking a lot more than once. When Dabao was at Xiaobao's age, I was also busy now. I haven't changed much. When Dabao went to kindergarten, I went to work. Now Xiaobao is going to kindergarten, too. It's more like a repeat of being a mother. There will always be a state of life. It's time for me to start another meaningful time, but now there's not much room for appreciation. I can't help sighing. I'm busy The big busy little, busy big busy small, has become a mother's necessary time, can't help but neglect the self ability. Inertia has become a habit. Breaking the former meaning of time is not something that can be changed overnight. The ability to change depends on the ability to master. If you are clear-minded, you are clumsy and obvious in your actions. The two children have divided most of their energy and should focus on the ability to change your focus. You don't want to be in a state of stagnation as before. Only Seize the time and change from

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