Time has an emissary


Walking through the boundless wild path jungle, my clothes and shoes are broken, and my body is bare as barren wasteland. At that moment, time looks at me with quiet eyes, turning my body and mind into its halo. All of a sudden, the softness and delicacy of seaweed and the washing of Tianshan Mountains and clear waters are all in front of my eyes. I can't help asking if I can be the messenger of time and follow the clear and pure color. My memory lingers in the reality and the past. The joy of my heart, the beauty of my face, the sunshine and the quiet scenery under the moon night are suitable for the words of the world to describe. However, I feel that I have never found the strength. I am ashamed of those beautiful hearts. In order not to hesitate, I urge my imagination to explore the quiet valley, the spring of sweet and passion, and then follow the river that nurtures the prosperous world, and the sparkling light that is full of joy and joy; I witness the lotus in the water from the daily, gentle and kind path; I went to look for the forest and the sea, and the first message that came back for art. I am the eager canvas that keeps my face forever, and the body fluid of my soul moistens the paintbrush. I said, I also saw that the world, as an admonitor, had to treat love as a God in order to fight against numerous lusts, so that on the top of the remote city-state, all the gods stood together, but they were so alone. And I said to time, I know that you are the scepter who has grasped all the mysterious words and charms. My youth's words of life, of goodness, of love, and of earth's meaning are far from enough in your eyes. In the face of the fragmented self statue, I lost my mind in panic and hid in the darkness and silence of many years. Of course, at the same time, along with the cliff edge of the secular world, it is still either the sound of surging and slapping the "pleasure" or the sound of calling and flashing the "rescue".

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