Douhuage in Nanping Village


The hands tightly pull the handle on the stone mill to rotate back and forth, and pull the stone mill to roll the soaked soybean back and forth. Soon, the grinding groove is full of sweet soybean milk. ——Wenge, a villager in Nanping, made delicious bean flowers during his rest time. Douhua has become the most delicious food on the tip of Nanping tourists' tongue. On July 28, it was a hot day. I was going to play in Nanping. I remembered that the hometown of Wenyin, the leader of the group, was not in Nanping. I tried to chat with him privately on wechat. Unexpectedly, he quickly replied to me, "Welcome!" and sent me the navigation map of Nanping Village. At four o'clock in the afternoon, I came to Tongxin bridge in Nanping Village, and the car slowly drove into the village of Liuwu society Virtual office address. All of a sudden, I saw a middle-aged man standing at the bridgehead, not tall, with a flat head, wearing an orange sweater and a Chinese face. He is smiling and guiding me to park my car in the open space in front of his house. As soon as he got off, he came to shake hands with me and said, "are you colorful? Welcome, I'm Liu Wenyin!" I hesitated for a moment and said, "yes, are you Wenyin from the countryside?" as I shook hands, I looked at him: a big wrist, a strong body is a weightlifter's body material. Plain looking he gives me a simple and honest feeling. Looking at the gap between the real money and the money I imagined in my heart shared office tst. I have his wechat. Because I seldom communicate with him, I am not familiar with him. I only know that he is the group leader of Heli hiking Association. I always thought that he was Gao fushai, a playboy. Today, I know exactly that he is a villager of Nanping Village. His surname is Liu and his name is Wen Yin. It was so hot that he asked us to come into the room and sit down. He enthusiastically took out double skin milk and bean flowers for us to taste. He asked my sister's son happily, "is it delicious, handsome boy? There's more after eating." I took a taste and said, "the tofu you developed is tender, smooth and pure. It really tastes different from the tofu you sell elsewhere. After tasting, there is an endless aftertaste, which makes people want to eat more and more. " Yes, at this time, there are many tourists at the Fengxi river at the gate of Wenyin's house. They are tired of playing in the water. When they rest, they taste the tender and smooth bean flowers. They are so happy that they forget the heat of summer. They enjoy the scenery of small bridges, flowing houses and fairies in the wild... Nanping villagers sell delicious bean flowers with the help of Wenyin. They learn how to make and sell them. The first spokesperson of Douhua here is Wenge, whose business license has been proved at the door of his home. In an instant, I have a little admiration for him who is not good-looking in front of me. The so-called people can't be good-looking and water can't be measured Immigration Service Hong Kong. In order to enrich the special cuisines of Nanping, Wenge developed Nanping double skin milk with Shanquan, which is pure, smooth and sweet. He is going to apply for the patent of double skin milk. For the time being, only his "retreat shop" and "lixiadouhua" have double skin milk for sale, which are very popular with children. Look, tired tourists come to Wenge's stall to buy frozen bean flowers or double skin milk. The children who get the delicious food are so happy that the birds on the branches are singing and laughing. Some of them went to the swing beside the stall mouth with satisfaction and enjoyed it while eating; some of them went down the stream and sat on the stone while quarreling; some of them went to the exhibition hall of Nanping and visited while eating. If there are many tourists, whether they buy food or not, Wenge and his wife always move out of the bench to invite the tourists to sit down,

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